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Marombrina: This Provençal word refers to the reflection of sunrays in a mirror, or that of light on a polished surface, on water.

The band Marombrina is made up of four female voices. They bring to life a fundamental form of ‘a cappella' singing. Through their songs, these voices merge into one, coming together then drifting apart, to reveal the darkness and light of bygone days.




Danièle Collombon




Danielle Franzin




Patricia Jouve



Sylvie Aligro

Individually, each of these women has been singing in Occitan for several years... until their paths crossed in 1998.

They recognized in each other the same pleasure of singing in Occitan, the pleasure of learning and sharing. The band Marombrina was born from that near instinctive human and vocal understanding in March 2000.

As they dust off old tunes, they create multiple voice arrangements for songs which were originally intended for a single voice and blend their well-matched vocals for the pleasure of offering harmonies made from earth, sea, wind and sunshine. They take pleasure in passing on this tradition of a cappella singing, literally ‘reflecting' it... like a Marombrina.

They offer a musical journey through space and time, gently mocking the modern world.

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