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The Sources:
Marombrina derives its identity from the interpretation of the song heritage of the Occitan region. These songs can be religious or secular, melancholic or mischievous ballads, traditional or contemporary. There are:
- Provençal songs compiled in the 19th century by Damase Arbaud,
- A couple of songs from Nice and Piedmont, another few from the Vésubie Valley (in the Southern Alps),
- The result of searches for forgotten songs from various Occitan regions,
- Christmas Carols from Provence and elsewhere,
- More recent compositions.

The Language:
Most of the songs are in Occitan (Provençal, Niçois, Gavot...), except for a few excursions to our Piedmontese and Catalan neighbours.

The themes:
Women's songs, tragic or light-hearted love stories, rebel songs, portrayals of cruel fates, songs for wedding feasts. The themes of the songs conjure up a timeless everyday life, with its sorrows, its joys, its struggles. These are songs swapped like stories around a fire...

Some of the songs are arranged by Marombrina and others with the help of musician and singer friends such as Patrick Vaillant, Manu Théron or Thierry Cornillon.
Marombrina offers two, three or four voices a cappella singing, without artifice, full of the joy of sharing a moment of pure emotion.